Transformation is in our DNA

Just like the strands of the double helix intertwine to form the universal DNA code that we all share and without which there would be no life as we know it. Celeix Ditigal merges the right technologies with the right people to get the perfect combination. We nurture smart solutions for businesses and communities until the desired digital transformation goals have been met.

Working in a digital interface to help grow and scale processes. Dna is shown behind the man.

Celeix Digital – Origins

Celeix (see-lee-ix) was born in the year 2015 as a follow-up to a failed two-year adventure called Onnitt - a platform meant to scale globally, organizing the home and personal services as a savvy demand and supply aggregator with integrated payment systems. It was a stillborn execution charter, having had the challenge of a hyper-scale and cash-strapped money guzzling engine.

Quite early, we realized that we were a niche design company. We brought systems and design thinking forte together. An enterprise in the avatar of an enabling catalyst working in tandem with client imperatives was what we were.

We believe that the next stage of Internet-enabled Industry 4.0 will be a panoply of genomics, nanotechnology, and quantum computing.

Hence the genesis of the name Celeix, inspired by the double helix strand.

Digital By Design

Data, we believe, will be multi-domain multidisciplinary, a real-time flow transacted, consumed, and blended in a myriad variety, volume, vector, and velocities. It becomes a critical skill to make sense at one level and leverage the data constituents as assets at a higher level.

Our interactions with customers and experiences executing complex mandates came to mean we were invariably engaging and supporting a Digital Transformation Consciousness.

To rewire our capabilities around Digital meant a fundamental shift toward Digital everything, be it Strategy, Tactic, Deliver, or operations.

Digital Excellence, therefore, is meant to be the best of breed conduits at work integrating strategy, technology, people, and processes that set and meet stakeholder mandates.

This also includes looking forward into the future with Web 3.0 and the blockchain to create a truly unique digital system and experience.

Thus, our brand identity, created as ‘Celeix Digital’ with digital, design, and systems thinking in our DNA. In that sense, we are a born digital enterprise addressing the digital transformation consciousness market from a position of authority, strength, adroit process innovation and proven integration capability.

Vision and Mission

To empower people, businesses, and communities to grow and improve their quality of life through the use of digital technologies.

To establish trusted partnerships through innovative solutions, products and services using digital technologies and SMART processes to transform businesses, communities, and beyond.

Our SMART Philosophy

Celeix Digital uses SMART philosophy to see through programs and projects that achieve the desired business outcomes for our customers. For us, SMART works in two ways. First, everything we do, we focus on working smarter. As a team, we work smart and we build smarter, more efficient processes for you, your business or your community.

Secondly, we do follow SMART goals being specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Why? Because, it is also a smart way to work. By creating clear and measurable goals around a digital transformation, we can all work smarter together.

Our Values

Service and leadership
Service and Leadership

We believe in being of service to others whether it be to your families, communities and to our customers. That is our fundamental ethos of what we do and why we do it. Having the intellectual abilities, knowledge and expertise, and being a leader and enabling the innate abilities of leadership, we aspire to be a true servant leader, individually and collectively as an organization.

Check mark showing authenticity and credibility
Authenticity and Credibility

Celeix offers a deep understanding of your industry and develops solutions guided by strong ethics. But we don’t just talk. We show. We believe that solid ethics are critical to building a trusting relationship with our clients. Trust and integrity are the foundations of our mission. We feel it is our responsibility to be transparent, informed, competent, supportive and above all honest. If we make a promise, we keep it.

A person with a heart next to them for empathy
Empathy and Compassion

When you talk, we listen and empathize. Our commitment is to build a trusting relationship with you and to take personal pride in your success.

A small graph showing graph with a growth trend
Creativity and Growth

One solution doesn't fit everyone. We take the time to learn about your business and tailor a solution for you to grow the way you want to. We show you how to take advantage of the latest technology so your work is easier, faster and more profitable.

Our team

Being servant leaders, we don’t believe in the concept of employer, employees. We believe in partnerships not only with customers and vendors, but internally, partnering and working together for a common purpose.

Portrait of Sridhar Anandula
Sridhar Anandula

Sridhar is experienced process excellence and design thinker with proven complex program management experience. Over the years, he has designed, commissioned, steered, and delivered transformation projects across many industries. He has hands-on proficiency in multiple technologies, particularly Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Logistics Management across various industries.

Portrait of Sridhar Anandula
Charles Voltron
Chief Technical Adviser

Charles is a blockchain/metaverse expert and developer that helps startups and brands build and launch successful apps powered by blockchain technology. He has founded 3 successful tech ventures and is a C-level technical leader with over 20 years of experience.

Portrait of Sridhar Anandula
Anju Bhakta
Director, Operations

Anju is an accomplished and growth-oriented leader as well as an entrepreneur with over 15 years of professional experience in the financial industry simultaneously combined with over 25 years in the hospitality industry. Her extensive hands-on experience identifying and driving business strategies, and developing innovative processes to deliver year-over-year results has a distinguished track record of success.

Portrait of Sridhar Anandula
Josiah Duenes
Director, Marketing

Josiah is a brand strategist/designer that helps develop a brand’s personality to stand out in the marketplace. He has been developing and building No-Code systems for companies to create digital products and automations for internal use and marketing. He believes in leaning into a brand's personality and communicating it clearly and simply in a way that serves others. This makes growth, positioning and marketing more powerful and unique.

Portrait of Sridhar Anandula
Bo Vega
Director, Behavioral Health

Bonifacio currently works as the Director of Continuing Medical Education for South Coastal Area Health Education Center (AHEC), a program of the University of Texas Health Science Center – San Antonio. He is also a doctoral student pursuing a DrPH degree in Health Promotion and Behavior from the University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston.

Portrait of Sridhar Anandula
Regina Gonzales
Senior Data Analyst

Regina, a Senior Data Analyst with Planning, Analytics, Institutional Research & Strategic Initiatives (PAIRS) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Her data analytics journey began in 2013 by developing and deploying dashboards and reports to various leadership levels as a data analyst for a Department of Defense logistics contractor. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), holds a bachelor’s and master's degree from TAMU-CC.

Portrait of Sridhar Anandula
Ben Foley
Project Manager, Blockchain Technologies

Ben has over a decade of experience in film and commercial production, specializing in Location Management and Assistant Direction. He is an avid NFT collector and crypto expert with in-depth knowledge of blockchain tech and the latest industry trends in marketing and community management.

Portrait of Sridhar Anandula
Joshua Satterfield
Director, UI/UX Creative

Joshua curated, architected, designed & developed internal data visualization tools & applications used by thousands of global companies and their employees (T-mobile, FOX, Warner, Sprint, Yahoo, Verizon, Viacom, Sony) empowering them to improve customer acquisition, retention, and data collection by a factor of 10.

Portrait of Sridhar Anandula
Ravi Shankar Yellayi
Digital Content Curator

Ravi is based out of Visakhapatnam, India. He likes to spend his time reading and writing. He believes that content, when written, should be easily understood. It is the reason why he says it takes more time to edit than to write. With an experience of over eight years in the industry, he is also a Digital Marketing expert.

Portrait of Sridhar Anandula
Taryn De La Rosa
Director, Organizational Development

Taryn is a South Texas native. She achieved her Master of Industrial and Organizational Psychology at The University of the Incarnate Word and her Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Psychology and Sociology from Texas A&M University - Kingsville. Taryn specializes in: leadership development, project management, program development, root-cause analysis, strategic planning, marketing b strategies l, workforce skills training, employee relations, and career coaching.

Our SMART Solutions

3 people symbolizing a community

SMART Communities

The communities we live in must adapt and transform to support this growth while providing increased services to residents.

A cog wheel to symbolize manufacturing

SMART Manufacturing

Manufacturing is in the middle of a revolution not seen since the invention of the steam engine. As technology continues to improve, customer expectations continue to increase, and competition becomes more intense, you need to be able to find new business models, operational efficiencies, and processes that position your business for the future.

Arrows going back and forth to show the flow of supplies

SMART Supply Chain

Today’s supply chains are complex, global, and massive in scale. The average manufacturing company can have up to 45 percent of their working capital tied up in their supply chain.